ARx : Deep Sleep Initiative

ARx is an alternate reality experiment to create a casual alternate reality game (ARG). ARGs, part of a new rapidly growing genre, involve interactive narratives across multiple media such as print, internet, telephony, etc. Players, usually collaborating with the ARG community, solve complex puzzles and research clues to solve the mystery. The game designers and facilitators, or ‘puppetmasters’, customarily participate alongside the players shifting the story to match user interaction.

ARx is an Entertainment Technology Center project at Carnegie Mellon University. It was pitched by me and several classmates in Fall 2007.

Our aim is to create a more casual, self-sustainable (without active puppetmastering) ARG experience that invites new users to the genre.

See our project site here.


My Contributions:

  • Story Development

  • Puzzle & Mechanic Design

  • Flash Components

  • Pitch process

  • Writing

  • Web Programming

The Team:

Nicole Epps (me), Tracy Kobeda Brown, Hee Jun Kim, Brad Michael, Karin Ray, Allison Theus

Faculty Advisors:

Drew Davidson and Brenda Harger