Reign of Aquaria

Reign of Aquaria is an online flash game designed to teach young girls ages 7-12 negotiation skills. Our client, PROGRESS, (Program for Research and Outreach on Gender Equity in Society) found that females negotiate far less than men in both the home and workplace. Their aim in coming to us was to begin young, teach girls not to fear negotiating.


My Contributions:

  • Farm Mini-Game

  • Queen Mini-Game

  • Dialog system using XML

  • UI and menu controls

  • Game Saving

  • Story and Character Development

  • Mini Game Design






Reign of Aquaria was produced over one semester at the Entertainment Technology Center by the Aditya Dave (sound direction), Peter Kavic (art direction), Michelle Pun (producer), Bimal Sadhwani (co-programer), and I.

See our project site HERE.